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c'est moi: fatally yours

the world of explanations and reasons is not the world of existence

personne ne sais
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my journal is a banal collection of thoughts and anecdotes mostly about myself, as that is the subject in which i am most interested. yes, i do not capitalize proper nouns or the beginnings of sentences in my journal; however, i do feel free to laugh in a pretentious and self-satisfied manner at other people's spelling and grammatical errors. i find this fun. i also find putting random sentences (including titles; these are the best) in french within the body of a journal entry to be amusing, though i know that no one on my f-list speaks or reads french (je dis: tant pis pour toi). this is just more pretense, which i enjoy. i also enjoy ten dollar words, misanthropy, fair-weather solipsism, and ice cold burns delivered directly to people's faces. i also find alliteration to be amusing...and puppies. i like puppies.