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it's a grand illusion

so october is over with.  it's a bit scary that the chrismas season apparently starts about the time you begin looking forward to halloween.  i was looking for a halloween costume for my rat terrier (yeah, i'm one of those people) while christmas music played softly but insidiously overhead.  don't get me wrong, i like christmas--love it in fact--but i want it to stay where it belongs.  it belongs in late november at the earliest.  it does not belong in august, september, or october.  but i digress...

halloween was good fun.  stella dressed as history era michael jackson.  my mom (who was up for three weeks visiting during october, which was also good fun--i love my mommy) and i made the costume ourselves and it was kick ass.  i would post pics, but i don't feel comfortable putting pictures of my kid on the internet for any pervert to see.  you'll just have to take my word for it.  oh, and incase you were wondering, my dog was dressed up as a witch.  i just might post pics of her if i ever get around to putting them on my computer.

november 1st was also good fun.  william and i went to the 'can't stop rocking' tour starring styx and reo speedwagon.  the concert was amazing.  i've loved styx since i first heard 'mr. roboto' as a three or four year old (i still have the tape) and reo speedwagon was one of my mom's favs, so i listened to them a lot too.  man, it's been a long time since i've seen a show that awesome...or that long.  doors opened at 7 and we didn't leave the venue until after 11.  unfortunately for william, he had to be up the next morning at 4:45.  unfortunately for me, i had to be up at 6.  still, it was worth it.  i got a couple of pretty good pictures.  the arena was surprisingly small (the concert area was cut in half, if that makes sense), and we had really good seats.  the lights during the entire show were pretty impressive.  there was a screen behind the stage that had different images playing for different songs.  i'm used to punk shows where the most impressive thing on stage besides the band itself is a banner/flag behind the drummer with the band's name or newest album cover on it.  yeah, this blew that away.  there were two lights on opposite ends of the stage during the styx part of the show and the one on stage left kept shining right in our eyes, which sucked because you could barely stand to look at the band.  luckily it wasn't always shining right at us and it wasn't on at all during reo speedwagon.  styx did an awesome cover of 'i am the walrus.'  it sounded really great.  you don't often get to hear beatles songs live for obvious reasons, so it was cool.  they did not play 'mr. roboto' but they did play 'renegade' and a bunch of other great songs.  i wanted to get a t-shirt, but they were 35 bucks and my cheapness just wouldn't allow it.