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if all else fails, put it in a list

i know, two in one day and neither one about mj. i'm on a roll. i haven't updated in a long while, so i thought i'd do that the only way i know how: by list! here are the new developments. they are not in order of importance:

1. i have two dogs now. my parents have a rat terrier named carly and we've been planning to breed her for the last year or so and each keep a puppy and sell the rest. well, she only had three, so i took one and named her amelie after a fav. french movie and my parents kept the other two, a boy named stitch and a girl named lilly. this was supposed to be our only dog. we went home over spring break and william was left here in georgia alone. this is dangerous to do because he becomes bored and buys things. well, he found a mastiff puppy he wanted and didn't shut up about it until i agreed he could get it. her name is zoey (it keeps with our french theme). i'll post pics later.
2. we know what our follow on assignment is after we leave ft. benning. we will be moving to ft. wainwright alaska. yeah, not excited about it at all. i've been to the airport in alaska (i was three and we were on our way from las vegas to okinawa japan) and i don't really feel the need to expand my northern experience any further than that.
3. stella started middle school about a month ago. i feel old as all hell.
4. william turned 35 two days ago. he really is old as all hell. we went to outback for his bday and ordered drinks and appetizers and dessert and were on our way to a pretty decent bill. it took about 15 minutes (maybe more; i honestly wasn't noticing) to get our meals after we finished our appetizers (we ordered three) and that was just fine with us because we needed a break from eating. the manager came out and apologized profusely and told us that for the inconvenience he would take 50% off the total bill and comp our dessert. i was like: what inconvenience? it was several shades of awesome.
5. my grandmother died two sundays ago. my mom was in ohio for about three weeks and was able to spend a few good days with her before she went. i wasn't super close to her, but it would have been nice to say goodbye if i could have made it work to go up there with stella's school schedule.
6. william hurt his back and is not going to ranger school next monday. he's bummed out.
7. i have about 90 thousand words written on the new story. it's completely different than anything i have ever written in the past. it will take more than one book to get the story out. i'm thinking maybe three or four. we'll see how it goes.
8. last wednesday, amelie broke her leg while stella and i were at her taekwondo practice and william was at home. that was a fun little adventure i will write about later.
9. stella started taekwondo in february and is now a senior green belt.
10. we saw inglorious basterds the other day and i thought it was pretty great. i love quentin tarantino and this movie was so great, mostly because it had all the french and german. the heavy subtitles are probably most of the reason why the majority of people in this country didn't like the movie. what? we have to read?! i come to the movies to avoid all the readin' and writin! i'd have stayed in school if i wanted to read a book! fucking americans.

i think that's about it. i lead a very interesting life as you can plainly see by the ten points above.