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January 1st, 2010

it's 2010 already and i'm wondering what happened to 2009. this year i moved from germany to georgia, witnessed a black man step into the oval office, watched a hero from my childhood pass away and become appreciated again, got an infected wisdom tooth pulled out of my mouth that nearly put me in the hospital, went to disney five times, saw my kid start sixth grade, finished the longest novel i've ever written, started the best novel i've ever written, bought a new car, was a soccer mom twice, got my first speeding ticket (pretty good considering i started driving at 15), turned 29, got two dogs, had an upper respiratory infection, thought seriously about having another kid, worried about my ex walking back into my kid's life, nursed my puppy back to health for 13 weeks after she broke her leg, went to a styx/reo speedwagon concert that rocked my socks off, procrastinated more than i would have liked to where important things were concerned, bought lots of stuff off of ebay and amazon.com, narrowly escaped moving to alaska in the dead of winter, got a new nephew named after a character in a computer game, received a kickass new camera for christmas, finally got my childhood wish granted in the form of a kindle for my birthday (i wanted to somehow be able to carry around a library on a car trip without getting yelled at by my dad), watched many movies and read many books, took things for granted, did not become a published author. there were many other wonderful, dreadful, and mundane things that happened. i look forward to another year not unlike this last one.